Administrative Staff

Khristaan Villela

Aurelia Gomez
Deputy Director

Chris Vitagliano
Executive Secretary

Ellen Castellano
Financial Specialist

Kathryn Risley
Special Events and Public Relations Coordinator

Richard Lujan
Security Co-Captain

Cruz Lujan
Security Co-Captain

Education Staff

Leslie Fagre
Director of Education

Patricia Sigala
Outreach Educator

Dawn Kaufman
Educator/ Docent Coordinator

Kemely Gomez
Bilingual Educator

Collections Staff

Bryan Johnson-French
Exhibition Preparator

Ruth LaNore

Polina J. Smutko
Director of Collections

Curatorial Staff

Laura Addison
Curator of European & American Folk Art Collections

Nicolasa Chavez
Curator of Latino,Hispano,Spanish Colonial Collections

Amy Groleau
Curator of Latin American & Caribbean Collections

Carrie Hertz
Curator of Textiles & Dress

Felicia Katz-Harris
Senior Curator / Curator of Asian & Oceanic Folk Art

Library/Archives Staff

Librarian & Archivist

Brian Graney
Librarian & Archivist