Since 2010, the West Bartlett gallery has been home to the Mark Naylor and Dale Gunn Gallery of Conscience, one of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience. This gallery is devoted to the examination of issues that threaten the survival of the traditional arts, bringing them to the attention of our visitors. The Gallery of Conscience is an experimental space where the public is invited to help shape the content and form of the exhibition through interactive elements and facilitated dialogues. Each exhibition changes throughout its life in response to visitor feedback and community.Gallery of Conscience

Previous exhibitions:

Empowering Women: Artisan Cooperatives that Transform Communities
July 4 2010 – May 8 2011

The Arts of Survival: Folk Expression in the Face of Natural Disaster
July 3 2011 – May 6 2012

The Art of Gaman: Arts and Crafts from the Japanese American Internment Camps 1942-1946
July 8, 2012 – October 7, 2012

Let's Talk About This: Folk Artists Respond to HIV/AIDS
July 7 2013 – January 5 2014

Between Two Worlds: Folk Artists Reflect on the Immigrant Experience
March 2 2014 – April 4 2016

Negotiate, Navigate, Innovate: Strategies Folk Artists Use in Today's Global Market Place
June 4 2016 – July 16 2018